Learning Expeditions
KIn junior kindergarten and kindergarten, we explore our world and we embrace the habits of inquiry and exploration that set the stage for a lifetime of learning. Specific learning expeditions vary across general education and S.E.I. classrooms. A few examples of learning expeditions at these grade levels are described below.

We learn about the water cycle and properties of water through lots of hands-on exploration, including dramatization of the water cycle, experimentation with objects that sink and float, and careful observation of how water behaves in different contexts. We learn about how scientists formulate hypotheses, and we try out our own hypotheses by building boats and testing their ability to float. We learn about non-fiction as we read to increase our knowledge. Finally, we work together to create our own book about water.

We learn about healthy and unhealthy foods as we practice our emerging literacy skills through authentic tasks like writing grocery lists and labeling our drawings of healthy meals.

We learn about the differences between living and nonliving things. We consider the survival needs of different organisms and learn about their habitats. We develop our ability to compare and contrast as we consider the needs of plants and animals. During this unit, we also engage in an author study of Eric Carle.

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