Social Curriculum

SocialAt Graham and Parks, we believe in educating the whole child. For this reason, the social curriculum is as much of a priority as academic content and skills. Our school is committed to explicitly modeling, teaching, and nurturing students to embrace our core values, represented by the acronym C.A.R.E.S.

The acronym “CARES” embodies the culture of caring that is at the heart of what our school is about… we care about each other, we care about learning, and we care about the world.

The Graham and Parks community CARES…

C: Be Curious (ask questions, think outside the box, try new things)

A: Aim high (do your best, work hard, set goals, take risks)

R: Respect everyone (be a good listener, be inclusive, embrace differences)

E: Be an Engaged learner  (think deeply, be reflective, don’t give up)

S: Show Kindness (speak nicely to everyone, be friendly, help each other, be aware of others’ feelings, reach out)

Everyone is different; everyone belongs. Everyone succeeds.
At our school we implement the Responsive Classroom approach to building community, social skills, and emotional well being. We begin each day with a Morning Meeting where we greet each other and prepare for a new day of learning. Sometimes we sing; sometimes we play cooperative games that challenge us to work together as a team. We are proactive about developing rules within our classroom community during the first week of school, and devoting the first several weeks of the year to practicing the rules and routines that make our classrooms safe, welcoming, and productive learning environments. We regularly reflect on the health of our classroom communities, and when problems arise we work collaboratively to address them. We believe that children have tremendous problem-solving skills when they are entrusted and supported to use them.

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