Fifth Grade

Fifth graders at Graham and Parks practice leadership in a variety of ways, such as leading assemblies, organizing a food drive, and buddying up with younger readers. We see ourselves as role models for the younger grades and we strive to set good examples through character and scholarship.

Learning Expeditions
Science Feature Articles
We examine how scientists communicate in writing, and we engage in our own independent research projects.

Colonial Life
In this learning expedition, we move beyond Massachusetts, a topic of study in Grade 3, and we dig into the experiences of Colonists across the thirteen colonies. We compare the experiences of colonists from different perspectives: African-Americans, Native Americans, and Europeans; men, women, and children.

Road to Revolution
In our studies of the events leading up to American independence, we are guided by the question, “How did the common citizen effect change?” We look at the events that led to the Revolution and we explore the changes brought about by independence.

Science Capstone Project
grade_5_content.jpgIn grade 5, we engage in science investigations and science literacy skills that prepare us for moving up to 6th grade. We review core science ideas in life science, earth & space science, physical science, engineering, and technology. Each month students engage with science content and materials that increase their understanding about a particular topic area (for example, plants, soils, lifecycles, adaptations, relationships in life science). We engage in science practices - asking questions, designing investigations, developing and using models, collecting and analyzing data, constructing explanations, and engaging in argument from evidence.

As a culminating project, students will prepare to present to other students a science investigation, idea, research that they found interesting from the course of study. This is an event for 5th graders in May/ June at the Vassal Lane Upper School.

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