School Liaison

Dear Families,

Lauren MorseWe have two family Liaisons at Graham & Parks. We're both here to support you in your communications with the school in a way that builds a solid working relationship with school staff, and connect you to resources available in the community. Our common goal is to support your student’s learning throughout the school day. Please let either of us know how we may assist your family’s engagement in your child’s education!

Lauren Morse, Graham & Parks Family Liaison
Mildrid Gédéon, Graham & Parks Sheltered English Immersion (SEI) Family Liaison. Mildrid also serves SEI programs in other schools throughout the district.

Drop by, or contact us for an appointment.
Lauren's office hours: M, T, W, Th | 8AM - 1PM (hours and days may vary dependent on school activities). 617.349.6577 x115, Email Lauren

Mildrid's office hours: M, T, W, Th, F | 8AM - 4PM (hours may vary dependent on needs at other SEI programs in the district). 617.349.6577 x120, Email Mildrid