Like the School itself, this section remains a work in progress. It is the barest start of a chronology, overweighted to the buildings in which Graham and Parks has been housed.

Graham and Parks is the result of joining two schools in 1981 -- the Cambridge Alternative Public School (CAPS), which was a small, nationally acclaimed magnet school, and the Webster School, which was a small, traditional neighborhood school. The school was located on Upton Street from 1982 until 2003, when it moved to 44 Linnaean Street.

Field land purchased on Webster Street for $9,000.00

June 4, 1853
Daniel Webster Grammar School built for $15,450.00. Hovey and Ryder, architect, M. & J. Ricker, Spencer & Pollard, builder.

Willard Middle School students now attend Webster School.

June 26, 1873
Building remodeled and enlarged for $12,970.00. Privy building removed; addition of four rooms on each floor and one large finished room in the attic.

from xerox of stereoview, undated

May 1, 1885
Right rear (north) addition built, backing up to Pleasant Place. Street renamed Upton Street. Hovey & Ryder, architect.

from Tribune, 1890 Souvenir number
1909, 1910
Left addition (west), adding four more classrooms per floor. Wheelwright and Haven, architect.

Demolition of building (except for 1909 addition), which is incorporated in modern, brick, three-story construction. R. Shaw, architect; M. Spinelli & Sons, architects. School now named Webster School.

Webster School, Upton Street (1955)
CHC negative 791

The CAPS (Cambridge Alternative Public School) Program is founded in 1971 by a vote of the School Committee and opens in the vacated Putnam School in 1972. The program is designed along the lines of the Pilot School: open classrooms, one-to-one instruction, paced learning, parent involvement in decision-making and teaching. The program starts out with grades K-4, and adds a grade every year thereafter. (from unattributed, untitled and undated history of CPS)

CAPS moves to the St. Mary's Grammar School on Essex Street. (from unattributed, untitled and undated history of CPS)

CAPS merges with the Webster School (a small, traditional neighborhood school) to form the Graham and Parks Alternative Public School.1982
Complete renovation of former Webster School site. Hill, Miller, Friedlander, Hollander, Inc., architects.

October 15, 1983
Dedication of the Graham and Parks Alternative Public School at 15 Upton Street.


August 2003
Graham and Parks Alternative Public School moved to 44 Linnaean Street, a mid-century building designed by Stubbins Associates.


Images obtained by the G & P administration from the Cambridge Historical Commission. Information obtained from the G & P administration, and from History of Cambridge school system (an unattributed, untitled and undated history, 19 pages in length; most recent reference is to 1976). Corrections, elaborations and further contributions are invited.

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