What's Happening in Our Classrooms (Dec. 2016)

What's Happening in Our Classrooms (Dec. 2016)
Posted on 12/08/2016
votingRoom 106

Room 106 felt it was very important for people to remember to vote and to thank people for voting. Here is the excerpt from the Room 106 blog:

The students in room 106 came in this morning filled with energy and excitement because of the election day. Some with minimal knowledge about an election and some with more background knowledge, all children presented with questions and an array of feelings. We read books today about the meaning of an election and engaged in conversations about the United States government and the responsibility of the president. After our meaningful discussions, I asked the students, how can we use our energy in a productive way? As an educator I find it crucial to give students an authentic audience for their voice to be heard...this is what they came up with!

Who is our audience? People over the age of 18 who can vote
What is our message to people? Remember to vote! Please vote! When you vote, pick the president wisely. Thank you for voting! If you don't vote the president you want might not win. Everyone wants to hear your voice. Your vote is really important and it matters!
How can we get our message to our audience? Make signs to hang up in the gym.

And how can I forget, they also got to meet Elizabeth Warren! :)

landformsRoom 111

Continents & Landforms
Second graders in Room 111 have been learning about continents and landforms. In small groups the students researched each continent and then made an enormous world map that shows the topography of each continent. They have learned about landforms and, as a project during library time, made an online glossary about landforms. As part of understanding how the earth changes, they have learned about volcanoes and earthquakes. Each student made a volcano which we will "erupt" just before our family breakfast on Dec 1! Students have also created maps of imaginary islands and wrote brochures about these islands encouraging visitors! Please stop by Room 111 to see this beautiful and creative work that is grounded in a solid understanding about how an island is formed!

The current presidential election has prompted many of us to think about what qualities we think are important in a president. This is true for Obama Rene, one of the hard-working second graders of Room 111. Obama decided that he wanted to learn more about Barack Obama, his favorite president (and not just because they share a name!) After reading and doing some research, Obama wrote a thoughtful piece about how he admires President Obama's determination and bravery. On Tuesday, November 29th, classmates and faculty had the opportunity to hear him recite this writing in a lovely showcase that celebrated Obama's hard work and insightful writing. Thank you for your bravery and determination, Obama!

masRoom 224 

Room 224 wrote our memoirs this fall. Memoirs are like personal narratives, but deeper. They contain a life lesson or moral that others can learn from. We went to the Media Arts Studio at CRLS to make recordings of our memoirs, and then we made a website! Here are the introductions to a few of our memoirs. You can listen to the full recordings at tinyurl.com/224memoirs.

Crash, by Saifka Julien

You might be thinking that your life is a happily ever after, like everything is fine. As you go on with your life you feel like crying because something happened to your family, or friends. It’s then you realize that everything is not a happily ever after. Sometimes bad things happen.

Everyday Hero, by Lily Grodzin
There’s a book. It’s called: The Hero of a Thousand Faces. It’s about in all the storybooks you love; all the Prince Charmings saving the beautiful princess, there is a pattern in the journey and the journeyer. You were scared at one time, everyone is scared or was scared. It’s not just you who sees the monsters hiding in the shape of a tree or the ghost who opened that squeaky door. Even the hero was scared of that dragon, scared of that witch. But before the hero can begin their quest they start in a subdued status quo. Suddenly, the hero gets a call, a command to action, by a person or prophecy.

The Appointment, by Emilia Ferrera

Do you remember when your mom said, “We’re going to the dentist next week.” Do you remember when suddenly, your heart started beating faster, your blood rushing all around you frantically, your face getting paler by the second, and you’re petrified for a split second as you meet two things: doom and fear.

The Accomplishment, by James Foleno

Not so long ago, I had no cool accomplishment to brag about. Everyone around me had a thing like soccer, gymnastics, and so on. I bet you were the one who ran out of school to soccer practice or a gymnastics meet. I just stayed home. Not that I minded. I just wanted a medal, or trophy, or even some awesome accomplishment. I wanted to run two miles, or swim fifty meters. Or even complete some goal I had been working on really hard to complete. But you must work hard to even complete a goal. I just didn't know if I could.
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