Teacher Spotlight: Wilda Randolph

Teacher Spotlight: Wilda Randolph
Posted on 10/30/2015
wildaWhat do you teach?

How long have you been at G&P?
29 years

Where are you from?
Haiti, Port au Prince

Describe your all-time favorite lesson or activity.
My favorite activity to do is art. I like to be creative with them. I do art with them every day. The kids love it. I do excellent projects! I make it fun. I explain the project with love and energy. I talk to them so they really get it. In class, we don’t say, ‘I can’t do it.’ I say, “Do it your way. Show me your way. Do it the way YOU feel.” They learn so much through art. When I was younger, I didn’t know how to draw. When I started as a teacher, I had to learn in the class, just like them. If they don’t know how to draw their own face, I give them a mirror and ask them to tell me what they see. They learn so quickly!

How did you know you wanted to be a teacher?
I didn’t actually know I wanted to be a teacher! I started getting involved in my children’s school – volunteering and helping with translations and I realized I liked it. I was a hairdresser at the time. Then I got the opportunity to help in Claudie’s classroom. I immediately fell in love with teaching. When a child learns so much by the end of the year, I say to myself, ‘did I help them do that?’ I constantly encourage the children, and they learn so much. I’ve been teaching so long, that some of my students are now in college! I’m happy to have inspired them to love learning. I was a role model for them - they admired me. I also encourage all families to participate in school. I know some of them want to stay home but I say, ‘Come on! Get out there! This will help your child succeed!’

What do you love about G&P?
I love the community here. We are all together. The teachers really work together. We embrace new teachers, we support them. The Graham & Parks families are so welcoming, we all love each other. Families appreciate that we teach the children so much. There is so much love here, we are a big family.
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