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Classroom Configurations

At the Graham and Parks Alternative Public School we use different classroom configurations: multi-grades, single grades, and looping classes. Our classes use the following pattern: JK-K multi-graded, 1st-2nd, 3rd-4th looping grades, and 5th grade classes. All classes are heterogeneously grouped in terms of academic achievement, socio-economic background, race, and gender because we believe that diversity provides rich possibilities and is the best starting point for learning.

Multi-grade classes
In multi-grade classrooms, about half of the students comprise the lower grade and half the upper grade.

Looping classes
In a looping classroom, students are in single-graded groups, but stay with their teacher for two years. Students enjoy the benefit of staying with the same teacher for two years. In looping classes, teachers get to know the children quite well, building strong interpersonal relationships, and can plan carefully for them during this tilum.

Single grade classes
In fifth grade, students move to new classrooms for their final year at Graham and Parks. These single-grade classrooms offer students and teachers the ability to focus on grade-specific curriculum while still addressing a wide variety of student’s skill levels.