Specialist Curriculum

Students at Graham and Parks participate in daily specials that include Physical Education, Art, Music, Library, and Technology.

Physical Education
At the Graham and Parks school, our students participate in many new and exciting activities in Physical Education class. Our students will learn a variety of skills that will help build a love of exercise and enable them to pursue many forms of exercise outside of school. At the start of each class, students participate in jogging and total body fitness exercises. Read more >>

The art program at Graham & Parks focuses on four themes: identity, narrative, environment, and cultural literacy in the creating of art. The arts such as music, movement and storytelling are often used as tools for greater understanding in learning an art technique. We celebrate the arts through the artwork created by our students. Our students explore a variety of materials and learn about the elements of line, shape, color, texture, light, and space in the process of creating art. Learn more >>

music_demo.jpgThe Music program at Graham and Parks is based on the work of Zoltan Kodaly and John Feierabend. Both believe that singing is the foundation of children’s musical development.

Traditional folk songs and dance are used in order to help children both understand their culture and enjoy music. We instill a love of making music and moving to music through fun, interactive, age-appropriate activities. Children also develop cooperation skills, self-confidence, and motivation for achievement through individual and group music-making experiences. Learn more >>

The library program is designed to support students’ independent reading interests and help them develop research and presentation skills. We introduce students to a variety of literature and nonfiction through read-alouds, book talks, and special programs. The librarian also works with classroom teachers and the Instructional Technology teacher to teach research skills and online safety, and help students learn how to access, evaluate, and use information from a variety of sources effectively and responsibly, and to share their learning in a variety of ways. Learn more >>

Learning experiences in the Computer Lab are collaborative extensions of classroom curriculum. Weekly sessions may also include the use of FASTT Math, Lexia Reading and Building Blocks, math software for Pre-K to Grade 5 students. Beginning in Third Grade, keyboarding skills are taught with the program, Type to Learn 4. Learn more >>