From the Principal: March 2016

Dear Families,

As a New Englander, it’s difficult for me to accept that spring is around the corner. The warmer weather feels undeserved after a mild winter. And to be fair, we’re not out of the woods yet. March is rarely a snowless month. But still, we’re almost there. The days are getting lighter, and so are children’s coats, when they can be convinced to wear them. It feels okay to embrace that flutter of hope that comes when the first crocus pushes its way above ground.

The approach of spring also signals that we’ve entered the second half of the year. In fact, we’ve passed the 100th day of school. We may be on the downward slope, but there’s a lot of learning ahead and no reason to start thinking about next year. March is a stable month, where school feels routine. But, as I read through this month’s newsletter, I began to reflect on what “routine” means at our school. In our newsletter, you’ll read about the growth of our G&P food market, and how it’s beginning to be a community-building event, the upcoming 5th grade ballroom dance performance, the many ways students are using technology to extend and enrich their learning, many exciting classroom projects, approaching community events, and the many, many ways families support our teachers and students, like our fabulous staff appreciation lunch and the amazing work of Friends of G&P.

What I’m trying to get at is that although March may be the most routine of months, life at G&P is never routine.