Summer is a Time for Learning!!

Summer is a Time for Learning!!
Posted on 06/01/2015
Summer is an exciting time for kids and families. It is a time to get outside, spend time with families and friends, and have a change of routine. However, even during this break from school, kids can still be learning! In fact, students who continue to use their minds well during the summer return to school with a real advantage—they've beaten the Summer Slide! On the other hand, students who do not read or practice math skills can lose two to three months in their achievement. These students often come back to school and have a hard time keeping up with their schoolwork.

What can you do to help? It is simple. Set up a daily schedule so your child reads 20-30 minutes and does at least 10 minutes of math. Claire and Kathy (our Math and Literacy Coaches) will be visiting the end-of-year Family Breakfasts to talk about additional ways to support your child. Families will receive a calendar to keep track of their reading and math fact practice time. You can post it on your fridge!

As a parent, your help is essential to our Stop the Summer Slide Campaign! Remember, the key to success in reading and math is enjoyment and practice. Have a safe, healthy, and happy summer break, everyone.