G & P Authors

G & P Authors
Posted on 06/14/2016

Students in Room 225 wrote persuasively about a topic that they cared about.

Izzy Laskin would like to share her thoughts about camp with the G&P Community. Letters from other students have been sent out to local and state government officials as well as many community organizations.

May 19, 2016

Dear Parents of Students,

Do you worry about sending your child to summer camp? I know my parents did, but it is actually really good for kids.

Sleepaway camp can help normally shy kids branch out and make new friends. When in a camp setting you are bound to make new friends, because old friends are not around. Sharing a cabin or tent with 4 or 5 kids is a recipe for a lifelong friendship.

Lisa Laskin, my mom, says about my camp experience, “Wonderful, even better than I imagined.” Some of the reasons she thinks this, are 1. that camp helped me make a bunch of new friends, 2. camp also made me try new things like archery and riflery 3. it also taught me about confidence, independence, and courage. Those things are important because they help you to become independent.

Camp can bring kids away from computer devices and back into nature. Most camps don’t allow iPhones, iPads etc. so that kids will interact more with each other and the outside. I didn’t miss having electronics in my life because there was so much more to do. You should send your child to camp. When I went to camp I was scared, but I knew that the people there cared about me and they would always keep me happy. It will help your kids, try new things and gain confidence. But mostly they have fun. (and make their beds)


Isabel Laskin

Graham and Parks fifth grade student

Here's a poem by Juliana Berndt (5th grade) and her mother Kelly Dolan for the new students entering Graham and Parks (with a nod to their idol, Dr Seuss)...

Oh The Things That You’ll Learn At This Graham and Parks School

Oh the things that you’ll learn at this Graham and Parks School Historical things! Important things!

Many things you’ll need to know how to do!

You’ll learn to read tasty stories and write magic adventures! Spell whimsical words and create beautiful pictures.

How to be brave, how to learn skills that are new­ Things that are practical, like tying your shoe! And things that are silly­ Like playing the 4th grade fancy kazoo!

Addition, subtraction, decimals and fractions Mathematical equations will become easy And part of all your daily actions.

Here at Graham and Parks you will learn American History How our country was formed

The good things, the bad, the unjust, the right

You will learn to speak up and when it is worth it to fight!

Where we all came from, what history we share

You’ll learn through stories and playdates
And teachers who care.

All the friends that you’ll make

All the field trips you’ll take
All the learning you’ll do
At this Graham and Parks School

A deep love of learning

How to watch over the earth
And to care for each other­ and how much that is worth!

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