Friends of G&P Update: April 2015

Friends of G&P Update: April 2015
Posted on 03/31/2015
The Friends of Graham and Parks seeks to provide academic enrichment opportunities for every student, promote volunteerism and engage all our families through fundraising activities and community building events. Please join us by attending one of our meetings and sharing your ideas with us; by helping at one of our community events; or by donating to our annual fund, which supports every classroom and every child at our school. Our next meeting is Monday, April 6 in the lobby—all are welcome and we promise fresh coffee and delicious treats!

The Friends of G&P Bulletin Board is up in the front lobby—on the left side as you face the garden and above the art display case. We will use it to post updates on our meetings, upcoming community events and Friends funds so please check it often. 

G&P Movie Night 2015 was a huge success, with $741.50 raised for Friends of G&P. Many thanks to all the families who attended and so enthusiastically supported the evening with their donations and pizza and baked goods purchases! Huge thanks to all the volunteers who fueled the event with their delicious baked goods, their technical expertise, and their hard work—thank you Ena Valenzuela, Sarah Smith, Nora Grodzins, Erin Miller, Nadia Azim, Julie Bennett, Lisa Laskin, Jonathan Greenleaf, Daniel Mugge, Kris Dickson, Sharon Mombru, Mary-Ann Matyas, Jen Ademi, Patricia Ravetto, Deb Morse, Trevor Dickie, and Anna Henchman. Many thanks also to Anne Niederkorn for lending us the library projector and to Debbie Sullivan who lent us her personal speaker system, which made all the difference in the sound quality for the evening. Finally, thanks to our custodial staff, who do so much and are so considerate—we came in on Friday afternoon to find that Tevis and Paul took the initiative to machine scrub the cafeteria floor so that it would be extra clean for the evening. It was a great evening because our community came together in so many ways to put on and share a fun experience for our kids and their families.