Friends of Graham and Parks

The Mission of Friends of Graham & Parks
The Friends of Graham and Parks seeks to provide academic enrichment opportunities for every student, promote volunteerism and engage all our families through fundraising activities and community building events.

Co-Presidents: Ena Valenzuela
Treasurer: Kris Dickson
Clerk: Sarah Smith & Jessie Scanlon

Additional Members:
Anne-Marie Fournier, David DeCelis, Ellen Hendriksen, Eva Ferreras, Anna Henchman, Jenn Chen, Lena Bruno, Matt Goldstein, Sarah Ward, Tihana Marolt Jandras

We meet the First Friday of every school month at 8:30AM in the lobby of the school.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please send an email to Friends of G&P ( You can also find out more about Friends of G&P at our website: