Welcome Back Assembly

Welcome Back Assembly
Posted on 10/01/2015
dragonBy Jodie Darnell & Ann Niederkorn

The first Graham & Parks Assembly of the new school year was a smashing success! The students filed excitedly into the gym and sat patiently, waiting for what principal Tony, librarian Ann Niederkorn, and literacy coach Kathy Greeley had prepared for them. The assembly began by welcoming the new and returning students, with special recognition of our international students. As one big group, we all practiced saying “hello” to each other, a morning ritual that starts off each day with a feeling of community and kindness. Next came the part that I’m sure you’ve all heard about at home: a 7-minute video comprised of dancing teachers, specialists, related service providers, and of course the main office! The joy exuded by the student body and staff was palpable.

After we all composed ourselves, Valarie Ifill, a 3rd grade SEI assistant teacher and morning cafeteria monitor introduced the new 5th grade Safety Patrol, also known as “The Safeties.” This group is composed of several 5th grade students who volunteer their time in the morning to help keep the cafeteria and hallways safe as students rush to their classroom following the 8:15am bell. Thanks Safeties!

Ann Niederkorn, our school librarian, then introduced the Summer Reading Dragon. As I’m sure many of you have seen in the school lobby, G&P students and staff listed one or more books that we read over the summer on each scale of the dragon. The very dramatic dragon was displayed on the gym floor during the assembly and was over fifty-five feet long! It has now moved to the front lobby. If you haven’t already seen it, be sure to check it out when you are in the building. It really is pretty impressive. Finally, we finished off the assembly with an all-school math quiz, grade by grade. Students clearly practiced their math facts as well as reading over the summer – good job students and parents!

All in all, we are off to a very good start. It’s going to be a great year! Look out for next month’s article on October’s assembly focusing on our C.A.R.E.S. Values and arranged by the 1st grade & 2nd grade teams.