A Testament to Volunteerism at Graham & Parks. Thank You for Enriching Our Community!

A Testament to Volunteerism at Graham & Parks. Thank You for Enriching Our Community!
Posted on 06/01/2015
thank youWith all these names, I'm guessing we've missed a few. So we can sing your praises 
in an addendum, please let us know who we may have missed and accept our 
advance apologies.

PARENTS: You are your child's foundation to a great day at school! Day in and day out, you provide your children with the bedrock of a good day and support their natural curiosity, love of learning, and creativity (and we all know this is no small task!) 

VOLUNTEERS: We would be bereft without the support and the inspiring example of volunteerism you set. Cambridge School Volunteers, which include community members, current and past parents, retired staff, retired educators.

Staff Volunteers: Steve Barkin, Judy Lazrus, Harvey Schuster, and Ann Smith.

Cambridge School Volunteers: Cliff Baden, Maggie Borman, Liliana Sofia Cabrita, 
Darcey Carr, Anne Cheng, Judith Clapp, Pamela Cranna, Heather Elgin, Nina Fairbairn, 
Pat Gold, Quinxin Guo, Terry Hackford, Linda Handman, Jenna Hoffstein, Amy Hyte, 
Alisha Jansky, Melinda Koyanis, Tiffany Lim, Christine Lin, Evelyn Malkin, 
Michael Michalski, Martin Milkovits, Brenna Nelsen, Leslie Newman, Ellen Smith, 
Nancy Spence, Anna Spera, Donna Tesiero, Courtney Tooton, Diane Westlake, 
Rosalie Williams, and Bob Wolf.

Newly formed G&P Family Cleaning Crew: They are keeping us neat, tidy, and dusted! Shout-out to organizer Ena Valenzuela and her parent volunteers.

STEERING COMMITTEE: We are grateful for your time and energy spent on behalf of the greater school community. Steering Committee, the governing body of the school, 
is made up of parents and staff. Our thanks to SY2014 -15 parent co-chair 
Mary-Ann Matyas, and members Aboma Dirbaba, Deborah Morse, Vinod Parmeshwar, and David Weinstein. Thanks to staff co-chair Claudie Jean-Baptiste, and staff members 
Clair Dahill, Deb Sullivan, Christina Astrove, and Judy Amendola. And our administrative members Principal Tony Byers and S.A.M. Jodie Darnell. Thank you for your dedication and leadership!

FRIENDS of G&P: Things would not be the same without you! Friends raises money 
for your classrooms and sponsors community building events throughout the year. Co-presidents Nora Grodzins and Ena Valezuela, Treasurer Trevor Dickie, and Clerk 
Sara Smith. Additional members: Anna Henchman, Mary-Ann Matyas, and Liza Tague. 
We are grateful for all you support in our classrooms and community.

NEWSLETTER Volunteers: You keep us informed! Special thanks to outgoing editor Patricia Ravetto, who eased us into a new era of online design communication, and to proofreader Pat Gold.

FCEP: You help open the doors to cultural sharing and community building! 
Our huge thanks to outgoing coordinator Stephanie Reiss for her wonderful work over the last four years.

GARDEN, COMPOST & WASTE REDUCTION COMMITTEE: You keep us green and growing! Our thanks to Coodinator Liz McNerney and her band of green-thumbed students 
and parents.

ARTS COMMITTEE: You keep us dancing and seeing the beauty within and around us. Carole Guerin, Emily Newman, Anna Henchman, Ismartilah Drummond, Karen Greenleaf, art teacher Liana Kingsley, and music teacher Deb Sullivan. Thank you!

ROOM PARENTS COMMITTEE: You keep communication flowing! 
Many thanks to coordinator Liza Tague and all the room parents: Jennifer Ademi, 
Sadia Ali, Nadia Azim, Ravit Barak, Yarad Ben-Dov, Myoung Joo Chun, Julie Bennett,
Sonja Cantu, Trevor Dickie, Kris Dickson, Stefanie Dhanda, Alexandra Dowman, 
Ruth Drasin, Jonathan Greenleaf, Karen Greenleaf, Jakob Hoegel, Li Hou, Nyamaa Ider, Jocelyn Kasper, Young Bae Kim, Martin Landsmann, Erin Miller, Kristen Poth Palma, 
Carol Martinez-Castaldi, Mary-Ann Matyas, Sharon Monbru, Junko Nishikawa, 
Stephanie Reiss, Andrea Simpson, Sarah Smith, Sonja Spek, Liza Tague, Sue Tierney, 
Ena Valenzuela, Shirleen Weaver, Esti Yaacobi, Dana Yalin, Bomi Yoon, and Lijie Zhu.

WELCOME COMMITTEE: You graciously offer an opportunity for incoming families to see the school and meet each other at the 'Popsicles in the Park' event each year just before school begins. Mary-Ann Matyas is the mover and shaker of this committee which organizes in August. Contact Mary-Ann if you'd like to be part of the welcoming fun at

JK/K SUMMER PLAYDATE VOLUNTEERS: Kris Dickson and Ashley Owens Wood who will be organizing a few play dates over the summer for incoming JK/K families to get to know one another. THANK YOU!

Special thanks to Barry Drummond, parent volunteer moderator for the parent-run list-serv GP21.