A Note from Jodie: March 2015

A Note from Jodie: March 2015
Posted on 03/02/2015
A Note from School Administration Manager Jodie Darnell

Dear Families,

Tuesday, February 24
th, marked the 100th day of school for the 2014-2015 academic year. Most elementary schools in our country make the 100th day of school a celebratory occasion, and Graham and Parks is no exception. The day began with two 5th graders sharing this milestone as part of the morning announcements. Although appreciated, this was not new information. Most of the G&P student population greeted me with “TODAY’S THE 100th DAY OF SCHOOL!” as they walked through the doors and into the building. Their enthusiasm was contagious and made for an exciting day.

Classrooms around the building celebrated the day differently. Dozens of students paraded around the building wearing handmade hats, crowns, or silly 100-day glasses as they transitioned to different parts of their day. A particularly energetic class completed 100 jumping jacks while the JK classroom counted to 100 for the first time as a group, which they treated like the most exciting event of the year so far. A kindergarten classroom drew pictures of what they thought they would look like when they turned 100 years old. And students in a fourth grade classroom had a good laugh sharing the 100 things they wished they could own.

In the midst of these more playful activities, teachers also used 100
th day activities to teach important math concepts. For example, one class came up with one hundred different math equations that equal 100, while another class created 100 different patterns. A first grade classroom celebrated with a 100th-day snack, consisting of 10 different types of food. Each student counted by tens until he or she had 100 pieces of snack and then subtracted, by eating, until the final count dwindled down to zero. And another classroom designed a 100-Day Pizza Party poster, which included a 100-day poem and ten creative pizzas with ten different toppings.

 The 100
th day of school is an accomplishment to be acknowledged and celebrated. It reminds the students of how much effort they’ve put forth, and how far they’ve come, both academically and socially. It’s also a reminder of how quickly the school year goes by. As one 4th grader put it when I asked how he felt about the 100th day of school, 
“time flies!”  

–Jodie Darnell