From the Nurses' Office: Flu Season

From the Nurses' Office: Flu Season
Posted on 12/22/2014
So far this year, the flu season has been off to a slow start. Although last year the flu was very active in December, it is more usual for flu cases to peak in January and February. It appears this year will follow the usual pattern. What this means is that it is not too late to get a flu shot, if you haven’t already! The flu shot is the most effective way to prevent influenza, and we all want to prevent the flu.

Although there has been some concern that this year’s flu vaccine may not be as effective against the strains of flu being seen, the flu shot is still recommended. Other things to do to prevent getting and spreading flu: washing hands often and thoroughly, covering your cough, and staying home when sick. 
Please contact your health care provider or the school nurse for any questions you may have about the flu.