Third Grade Literacy

Readers’ Workshop
In third grade, students read extensively in multiple genres. We study the way authors craft narratives and we examine how authors create characters’ physical and personality traits. We look at the style of individual authors such as Roald Dahl and Steve Jenkins. We learn about the features of non-fiction and we read a wide range of primary and secondary sources to help us learn about topics of study. We meet in Guided Reading groups for book discussions facilitated by a teacher, and we also begin to meet in “Book Clubs” where we select books of interest and develop our own discussion questions to share with peers.

Writers’ Workshop
WritingThird graders develop more extended writing pieces in the narrative, expository, and persuasive genres.  We learn to craft effective paragraphs that incorporate topic sentences, supporting details, and clinchers. We learn how to respond to literature and how to use evidence from the text to support our own thinking. We write narratives that employ more sophisticated aspects of craft, such as character dialogue. We gather information from multiple sources and synthesize our learning in written reports.

During third grade, we also attend to the mechanics of the English language, including parts of speech, punctuation, and capitalization.

Word Study
We learn and apply spelling principles to our daily writing. We meet in small groups for weekly word sorts to support our spelling and vocabulary development.